Delysis and ValueFeet : What’s the difference ?

Today, the equestrian world benefits from many technological advances that optimize both horse comfort and rider performance. Among these innovations, ValueFeet and Delysis stand out by offering innovative solutions, but aimed at two different audiences. Are you ready to explore the specificities that separate these two brands?

Delysis : Lightweight, high-performance protections for your horses

Delysis is the product brand of ValueFeet, which caters to riders and horse owners by offering several ranges of Delysis. Yes, we’re not talking horseshoes here, but Delysis!

These Delysis are designed to optimize your horse’s performance while maintaining natural hoof mobility thanks to flexible, lightweight protection. 

The primary objective of these Delysis: to maintain a barefoot sensation.

These Delysis are the result of in-depth research and a combination of unique materials, achieving an optimum balance between comfort and safety. Riders can experience new sensations, and discover a horse with improved mobility.

Delysis offers a range by discipline, designing models that are best suited to the ground you ride on every day, and the qualities you need.

If you’re a show jumper, you can choose between two experiences : 

Ces Delysis sont pensés pour optimiser la performance de vos chevaux tout en leur permettant de conserver une mobilité naturelle des sabots grâce à une protection flexible et légère.
L’objectif premier de ces Delysis : Conserver une sensation de pied nu.

Ces Delysis sont le fruit d’une recherche approfondie et d’une combinaison de matériaux uniques, permettant d’atteindre un équilibre optimal entre confort et sécurité. Les cavaliers peuvent ainsi ressentir de nouvelles sensations, et découvrir un cheval vêtu d’une meilleure mobilité.

Delysis vous propose une gamme par discipline, en concevant des modèles les plus adaptés au sol fréquenté au quotidien ainsi qu’à ses qualités nécessaires. 

Vous faites du CSO : Deux expériences s’offrent à vous.



The solution for barefoot riding on grass.



Lightweight protection for sandy terrain.

These models combine comfort, protection and performance to guide you to victory.

ValueFeet: Revolutionizing farriery with 3D scanning

ValueFeet has positioned itself as a major player in the farriery industry, thanks to its cutting-edge technology. Its system consists of D-Scan, a 3D scanner, and Hubforge, a digital design software offering a revolutionary experience when designing Delysis. 

This design flexibility not only ensures unrivaled precision, but also enables the Delysis to be adapted to the pathologies of each individual horse. One of the advantages of this technology lies in the speed of the process : from design to delivery, in 3 working days wherever you are in the world. This means that farriers can concentrate on their expertise without being “blocked” by traditional manufacturing methods.

Although ValueFeet and Delysis operate in the field of equine well-being, their approaches are fundamentally different.

These two brands join the ranks of other innovative brands testifying to the growing importance of technology and innovation in the equestrian field, guaranteeing a promising future for equine well-being and performance.