How to keep your horse’s hooves healthy ?

It’s no secret that hooves are the foundation of the horse’s body. Keeping the horse’s hooves in good health is essential for its overall well-being, whatever the discipline practiced. 

The hooves support the entire weight of the horse’s body, but they also cushion impacts and propel the horse through its movements.

This is why, until now, it was impossible for riders with barefoot horses to enter the finest grass competitions. 

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Do you know what the horse's hooves are made of ?

Richly vascularised, it is made up of several tissues: bone tissue / tendon tissue / cartilage tissue. The hoof, or horny box, is the visible protective part. 

The hoof requires regular care to maintain good health. Certain types of care, known as routine care, should be carried out on a daily basis : 

  • Cleaning the hoof 
  • Brushing the sole, fork, wall and bulbs of the heels
  • Drying the hooves if they are damp 
  • Greasing the sole, fork, wall and  bulbs of the heels

What are the benefits of greasing your horse's hooves ?

Greasing your horse’s hooves will help the horn to grow healthier and stronger. But be careful with the dosage! Too much can have negative consequences for your horse’s hooves. 

What about trimming ?

Trimming is one of the most important stages. It involves reworking the horse’s hoof, which grows over time, in order to adjust their shape and length to maintain the horse’s balance.

There are several different trimmings depending on your horse’s needs and activity. Your farrier will provide you with a service every 4 to 6 weeks.

What about horseshoes ?

After trimming, some horses remain barefoot and others are fitted with horseshoes. These shoes protect the horse’s hooves, cushioning and reducing the impact on the limbs. Finally, it all depends on the type of shoe….

Depending on the material you choose, you benefit from advantages such as lightness, flexibility, anti-vibration, wear resistance and non-slip. At Delysis, we offer plastic protections for horses that offer all these benefits! Yes, thanks to ValueFeet technology, our team can design your custom Delysis from our horseshoes design software, in the materials of your choice. 

Once again, it all depends on your horse’s activity. 

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