Simon DELESTRE, Delysis Rider

« I think that the plastic shoe is part of the evolution of farriery for the years to come. I first tried unshoeing, on which I had good results. I wanted to do more than just unshoeing because there is the disadvantage of the grass. Some horses for me were a bit sensitive without shoes, so I wanted to find a solution that could be close to being unshod, but still with shoes. And I think that this shoe, which we have now in plastic, gives the advantages of shoes without the disadvantages of shoes. In particular, the weight and the flexibility. I really think that the fact that the shoe is 10 times lighter, on the longevity, I should be a winner. I put this together because first of all I wanted to keep jumping on the grass. So I really needed to find a solution for the horses that were unshod to be able to jump on grass. Today, it’s very simple, maybe even simpler than a classic shoeing, as we scan the foot, the shoes arrive directly at the right size for the horse’s feet and the farriers only have to put them on. »


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