8 advantages to fit your horse with Delysis

Riders and horse owners,

The traditional horseshoes are gone, Delysis opens up a new era for your horses, combining performance, comfort and flexibility to restore natural mobility to your horses’ hooves

In case you’re still hesitating, here are 8 advantages of wearing Delysis shoes :

#1. Preserve natural mobility

Our primary objective is to enable your horses to retain their natural hoof mobility by fitting them with flexible, lightweight protection. When fitted with Delysis, your horses will be able to move freely, allowing them to move smoothly and comfortably.

#2. Barefoot feeling

Now you can, thanks to Delysis irons. This lightweight protection is the ideal alternative to barefoot, since it features key qualities such as lightness, flexibility, anti-vibration and wear resistance. What are you looking for?

#3. Optimized performance

When it comes to performance, Delysis is your ally of choice. The unique materials we use to design your Delysis offer lightness and flexibility, enabling your horse to reach its full potential and push back its limits.

#4. Unrivalled comfort

Your horse’s comfort is paramount, which is why Delysis are designed to minimize the risk of pain or discomfort associated with shoeing. Get ready to experience new sensations, with a horse that can move freely.

#5. Shock absorption

Your horse’s hooves are subjected to many shocks and impacts, especially when landing obstacles. Delysis helps absorb these shocks, preserving hoof and joint health.

#6. Unrivalled lightness

Because 100g saved in your feet is like 1kg saved in your back. Delysis gives you the opportunity to shoe your horse with the advantages of bare feet, without the disadvantages of conventional shoeing. Delysis material combinations are up to 3 times lighter than standard materials on the market.

#7. Adaptability to the terrain

We’ve thought of almost everything! We’ve designed a range for each discipline, in line with the qualities of the terrain you’ll be riding on. For example, we offer two jumping experiences: 



The solution for barefoot horses on grass.



The solution for barefoot horses on grass.

#8. New sensations with your horse

With Delysis, discover a new experience between you and your horse. The natural mobility of your horse’s hooves means ease of expression, movement and the possibility of receiving more from your horse.

So, are you ready for a new experience? Put on your Delysis and let your horse move freely!