Plastic horseshoes : what’s the difference with Flexinyl ?

The equestrian world is constantly evolving, and technologies related to equestrian equipment and horse comfort are no exception. Among recent advances, the plastic horseshoe has established itself as an interesting alternative to traditional metal horseshoes. Let’s take a look at the features of plastic horseshoes, their advantages and limitations, and the considerations you need to take into account when using them. Ready to get started ?

Plastic horseshoes : A lightweight alternative

The plastic horseshoe has appeared on the market with the promise of being lighter than traditional metal horseshoes. Plastic actually offers a weight advantage, which can be beneficial for horses needing to reduce the load on their limbs. Plastic also reduces resonance in the horse’s hooves, so a plastic shoe is less “traumatic” for the horse.

The limitations of plastic horseshoes

However, it’s important to note that despite its reduced weight, a plastic horseshoe is not necessarily cheaper than a traditional shoe. Indeed, the manufacture and development of specific plastic materials can lead to production costs comparable to, or even higher than, those of metal horseshoes.

Furthermore, the flexibility of plastic horseshoes may be limited, depending on the model selected, compared with materials such as Flexinyl. This rigidity can hinder the natural movement of the horse’s hoof, and cause mechanical stresses that can lead to genes in the horse.

Flexinyl : An alternative to promote horse well-being

Faced with the limitations of plastic horseshoes, Flexinyl has emerged as a promising alternative to promote horse well-being. Developed by our R&D team, Flexinyl is a lightweight, flexible technical polymer compound that resists the constraints imposed by horseshoes. Unlike plastic shoes, Flexinyl allows natural heel mobility, mimicking the natural movement of the horse’s hoof and considerably reducing vibrations in the horse’s hooves. Flexinyl’s main advantage lies in its flexibility, offering the horse a true barefoot sensation while still providing protection.

Delysis offers two models for show jumping :



The solution for barefoot horses on grass.



The solution for barefoot horses on grass.

Thanks to Hubforge, the Delysis horseshoes design software, farriers can design tailor-made shoes in Flexinyl to suit the specific needs of each horse. This guarantees optimum comfort and performance for the horse.

The plastic shoe is the ideal alternative between the traditional shoe and the bare foot. It offers slight protection to the horse without restricting its locomotion. But beware ! Its limitations in terms of flexibility and durability must also be taken into account when using it. Flexinyl offers an even more attractive alternative to enhance the horse’s well-being and mobility. Our development teams are continuing their research into materials to improve equine comfort and performance for years to come.