Flex’herb : The solution for a barefoot feeling



the ideal combination of protection, flexibility and lightness to give your horse a barefoot feel.

Flex’Herb, a plastic horseshoe part of the Delysis Flex range, is dedicated to grass riding ! It embodies both innovation and the constant research between performance and well-being for our equine friends. These Delysis have been meticulously designed to give barefoot horses the opportunity to compete on grass.

Flex’Herb optimizes your horse’s performance while preserving the natural mobility of their hooves, thanks to a flexible, lightweight plastic horseshoe.


The main goal : To offer a solution that retains a barefoot feel while allowing studs to be integrated into the protection to perform on grass competitions


Composed of Flexinyl, a polyamide protection (plastic horseshoe) providing comfort and lightness, the Flex range appears to be fitted with the closest material to that of the sole of the hoof. It achieves a perfect balance between comfort and safety : A new experience for both horse and rider !

Flexible, for better natural mobility

Flex’Herb, like Flex’Sand, is a plastic horseshoe designed to mimic the feeling of barefoot, while offering essential protection for the horse. Essential, yes, since competition on grass implies the need to use spikes to reduce the horse’s slipping on the ground.

This is why, until now, it was impossible for riders with barefoot horses to enter the finest grass competitions. 

With Flex’Herb, you’ve got the solution !
This innovative design is based on a deep understanding of the horse’s anatomical needs and natural movements. The flexibility provided by this model of plastic horseshoes also reduces the impact on joints and tendons : horses benefit from greater freedom of movement which, in the majority of cases, translates into improved performance.

What about the rider ?

Not just good for the horse ! Thanks to their lightweight and flexible design, they enable riders to feel the horse’s movement more intimately. As a result, riders can enjoy a better connection with their horse, promoting more intuitive riding and better communication.

Furthermore, the flexibility of plastic horseshoes may be limited, depending on the model selected, compared with materials such as Flexinyl. This rigidity can hinder the natural movement of the horse’s hoof, and cause mechanical stresses that can lead to genes in the horse.